Your Access to the World of High-Tech - P.D.F BOOK

ספר P.D.F בתרגום לאנגלית - Your Access to the World of High-Tech The Fast Way to Becoming an Effective QA! Become a professional QA לרכישה מהירה - לחץ כאן

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P.D.F BOOK -  Your Access to the World of High-Tech

Looking to work in QA and excel yourself? 

לרכישה מהירה - לחץ כאן

This book was written after the author, Nati Horenshtein, performed over 10,000

software analyses for software requirements in leading companies in the economy. His book reveals breakthrough methods that teach you how to perform effective software testing and promptly learn inside secrets of the profession.

Learn how to effectively conduct software testing with tools that will assist in shortening both your study and test time!

  • Significantly improve your knowledge in software testing by implementing the work methods detailed in this book.
  • This book will help you create effective testing workdays, using accurate and customer-centric methods.
  • By using the author's unique method, you will learn to think outside the box and to manage yourself totally differently from most software testers.